I was wondering if the performance I had for signing emails was
normal, and how I could improve it. I have the following :

time for i in `seq 0 100`; do openssl -sign -passin pass:something -in
/tmp/foobar -text -out /tmp/foobar.signed -signer vserver.crt -inkey
server.key ; done

that takes about 17sec on my core 2 duo, is that what I should get ?
How can I improve it in case of mass emails and need to send 1,000
mails ?

the /tmp/foobar file is :

$ cat /tmp/foobar
From: demo@foobar.com
To: destination@foobar.com
Subject: Empty subject for signed
Mime-Version: 1.0

This is the body of the mail

Any hint is welcome.

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