I'm trying to figure out why I can't ssh from work. Our IT admin is
always busy, so I can't ask him. PuTTY (yes, Windows-only office,
unfortunately) returns "Server unexpectedly closed connection" when
connecting to the ports I setup for SSH. Originally I set it up for the
IP range my office uses, but now the ports are open willy-nilly and
still returns the same thing. My router, running Debian, shows rejected
packets when I use the wrong port, but nothing when I use the right
port, so the packet isn't being rejected. Shields Up! shows the port
open, and I can login locally using that port, so I know sshd is
configured correctly. Considering that the corporate firewall may be
blocking 22 for security reasons, I've tried different ports, like 465,

Where would I start debugging a situation like this? I just added a log
statement to the forwarded packet to make sure I am receiving the packet
and forwarding it properly. Shields Up! confirms this.

For my workstation, it runs Windows XP with just the basic firewall
turned on. I have administrator-level access to the machine (the real
administrator account), so it has to be something inbetween.

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