> Hi
> Thanks for reply.
> In fact, I'm not sure why apache closes connection even if I set KeepAlive
> to On in httpd.conf.

Because that's what HTTP version 1.0 says to do, and you asked for HTTP 1.0
behavior. If it didn't, how would the client know when it got the entire

> If I send "HTTP/1.1" request
> will it also close the socket after reply?

It may or may not. Read the HTTP 1.1 specification and it will explain that
to you. Note that HTTP 1.1 compliant clients must accept chunked encoding.

Fundamentally, you are making a very serious and painful mistake. Your
client claims HTTP 1.0 compliance, but it is not HTTP 1.0 compliant. This
will make things break.

You can fix it one of two ways:

1) Make the client HTTP 1.0 compliant, or

2) Stop claiming HTTP 1.0 compliance.

However, claiming HTTP 1.1 compliance while not being HTTP 1.1 compliant is
really not a good fix. You'll just break the first time you encounter a
server that enforces some other rule. (For example, a 'Host' header is
mandatory and you aren't sending one.)


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