> > I received a certificate from remote client and need to deal with it.
> > The certificate is stored in buffer, which is created by local server.
> > However, I don't know how to make the stuff in buffer become
> > X509-style certificate.
> >

> What do you mean by "received a certificate"? Certificates alone are
> useless, you also need some data signed by the correspondig private key,
> in the case of SSL/TLS this is the protocol handshake between client
> and server.
> What is the protocol in your case? How does the client's certificates
> come into play?

There are many protocols that transport certificates, for example you may
something like that:
$ wget http://www.some.server/cacert.der
(in C program of corse).
This is one of many ways of getting CA certificate.

Best regards,
Marek Marcola

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