my name is waheed and I am from sweden. I am facing
some problem while dealing with SSL handshaking
Let me tell you the scenario. In normall handshaking
process when client(Browser)sends hello message to the
server, server sends back the hello message. Now what
I am trying to do that when the client(Browser, in my
case Firefox) sends the hello message to the secure

Client---> hello

The server will send back the hello message

Server---> hello

but what i want to do that when server will send its
hello message to the client i want to add some more
information in the hello message. For example server
will force the client that I need this specifice
information if you want to access me. When client will
get this hello message from the server, it will
provide that information if it have, otherwise
handshaking process should be failed.

But the problem is that SSL or https rfc is very
strict to add some extra values to the hello messages
during handshaking process.
So I am wondering that how to achieve that. and my
second question is that if for example we could
this, then how can i integrate this with the firefox.

I am waiting for you favorable reply.

With kind regards

Muhammad Waheed Qureshi

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