I am on OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007 under Redhat Linux. The function
"SSL_CTX_new" is returning a strange error. Did anyone else face the same
problem? If anyone can provide some pointers or hints to solve the problem,
that would be great.

The error buf prints:

error:1A09400E:SSLCERT routines:STORE_NEW:not supported

Code Snippet:



SSL_CTX* ctx;
int err;

meth = SSLv3_client_method();

ctx = SSL_CTX_new (meth);
if (ctx == NULL)
unsigned long ErrCode = ERR_get_error();
char ErrBuf[120];
ERR_error_string(ErrCode, ErrBuf);
fprintf(stderr, "Error: [%s]\n", ErrBuf); // output -
Error: [error:1A09400E:SSLCERT routines:STORE_NEW:not supported]
return -1;

Thanks, Ambarish Mitra.

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