Prakash Kamath wrote:
> My opinion: 2 times 2 = 4 no matter what approach you take, and so no one
> can sue you to doing that Math. However, if someone comes up with a math
> logic (software, hardware, combo, whatever) that does the same operation in
> a superior way, then that is patentable.

I personally have been in the room when they've been threatening
and they try to make it seem that if you THINK about ECC you're a
bad implementor ;-) So it's been a thought-suppressing exercise.

Note it took the Europeans to have the nerve to put this into OpenSSL to
begin with. Nobody in North America would dare. Fortunately, the
Internet actually has a bad memory so we're yet again reproducing this
conversation. It's clearly better now.

Any decade now this may become popular. Hopefully before someone breaks

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