On Fri, Jan 04, 2008, Guenter Knauf wrote:

> > I've now updated the WIN32 build system to use AES and some of the other
> > assembly language files for SHA2 as well. You might want to do something
> > similar for the netware build.

> yes, sure!
> I've added the two new ones sha256 and sha512 to the NetWare build system,
> and also added Andy's autodetection of nasm <-> nasmw:
> now what's not clear to me is how the other sources get aware of existance of the sha2* asm objects?
> They get created and compiled, but I didnt see a new define like -DSHA2_ASM which tells the *.c files to plugin the asm stuff...


There are a couple of new ones which I'd initially omitted from the Windows
build: -DSHA256_ASM and -DSHA512_ASM.

I've been meaning to redo the WIN32 assembly language support for a while now.
Creating the things in the batch file seems a bit of a hack and they could be
handled in the makefile in the same way as the Unix build.

The Configure script also works out things like CFLAGS for the relevant
options. The WIN32 build partly duplicates this functionality, it should
really just pick up whatever options the Configure script has decided.

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