Hi Steve,

>> > Patches applied.

thanks again - just tested with latest 0.9.9-dev snapshot, and all builds =
to completion!
That's very great!!

> Copying is now down with the perl script copy.pl to avoid some problems
> with using copy.

ok, not yet checked the install target, but will soon do....

> Well the WIN32 build (and mk1mf.pl) didn't include some of the latest as=

> language files. The AES_ASM_OBJ string needed to be added in another pla=

> to avoid it adding the object suffix.


> I've now updated the WIN32 build system to use AES and some of the other
> assembly language files for SHA2 as well. You might want to do something
> similar for the netware build.

yes, sure!=20
I've added the two new ones sha256 and sha512 to the NetWare build system,
and also added Andy's autodetection of nasm <-> nasmw:

now what's not clear to me is how the other sources get aware of existance=
of the sha2* asm objects?
They get created and compiled, but I didnt see a new define like -DSHA2_AS=
M which tells the *.c files to plugin the asm stuff...

greets, Guenter.

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