On Fri, Jan 04, 2008, Guenter Knauf wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> > Patches applied.

> thanks very much!
> > I didn't include the change to mk1mf.pl that changed the install
> > command for the include files though. The *.[ch] version is needed in
> > WIN32 to include applink.c

> hmmm, since I compile on Win32 too I wonder how this actually works; cmd.exe at least bails out at this....

Copying is now down with the perl script copy.pl to avoid some problems with
using copy.

> > Let me know if that's a problem, or any other issues.

> can we perhaps split it into two lines? one for *.h and one for *.c would do in any case....
> and another small issue I have not found the solution for:
> I addded for 0.9.9-dev the AES assembler code in mk1mf.pl, but for whatever reason it doesnt work correctly although I just copied the stuff over from 0.9.8x where it is already implemented....
> this code:
> +AES_ASM_OBJ=$aes_asm_obj
> +AES_ASM_SRC=$aes_asm_src
> + if (($aes_asm_obj ne "") && ($_ eq "CRYPTO"))
> + {
> + $lib_obj =~ s/\s(\S*\/aes_core\S*)/ \$(AES_ASM_OBJ)/;
> + $lib_obj =~ s/\s\S*\/aes_cbc\S*//;
> + $rules.=&do_asm_rule($aes_asm_obj,$aes_asm_src);
> + }
> gives me in my makefile:
> ...
> $(OBJ_D)\aes_ige.o $(OBJ_D)\$(AES_ASM_OBJ).o $(OBJ_D)\cmll_ecb.o \
> ...
> while all other asm stuff gets properly replaced. f.e.:
> ...
> $(OBJ_D)\c_ecb.o $(CAST_ENC_OBJ) $(OBJ_D)\c_cfb64.o \
> ...
> Do you have an idea what I'm missing here?

Well the WIN32 build (and mk1mf.pl) didn't include some of the latest assembly
language files. The AES_ASM_OBJ string needed to be added in another place
to avoid it adding the object suffix.

I've now updated the WIN32 build system to use AES and some of the other
assembly language files for SHA2 as well. You might want to do something
similar for the netware build.

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