Hi Steve,

> Patches applied.=20

thanks very much!

> I didn't include the change to mk1mf.pl that changed the install
> command for the include files though. The *.[ch] version is needed in
> WIN32 to include applink.c

hmmm, since I compile on Win32 too I wonder how this actually works; cmd.e=
xe at least bails out at this....

> Let me know if that's a problem, or any other issues.

can we perhaps split it into two lines? one for *.h and one for *.c would =
do in any case....

and another small issue I have not found the solution for:

I addded for 0.9.9-dev the AES assembler code in mk1mf.pl, but for whateve=
r reason it doesnt work correctly although I just copied the stuff over fr=
om 0.9.8x where it is already implemented....

this code:


+=09if (($aes_asm_obj ne "") && ($_ eq "CRYPTO"))
+=09=09$lib_obj =3D~ s/\s(\S*\/aes_core\S*)/ \$(AES_ASM_OBJ)/;
+=09=09$lib_obj =3D~ s/\s\S*\/aes_cbc\S*//;

gives me in my makefile:
=09$(OBJ_D)\aes_ige.o $(OBJ_D)\$(AES_ASM_OBJ).o $(OBJ_D)\cmll_ecb.o \

while all other asm stuff gets properly replaced. f.e.:
=09$(OBJ_D)\c_ecb.o $(CAST_ENC_OBJ) $(OBJ_D)\c_cfb64.o \

Do you have an idea what I'm missing here?

greets, Guen.

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