> My environment (path) is set up to first search the cygwin/bin
> directory, and only afterwards the rest [because of some issues I had
> with the 'find' command]. Inside my path is set C:\Program Files\nasm
> where the latest nasm-compiler from SF is located (nasm.exe).
> perl Configure no-shared --prefix=C:\__SVN__\project\bin VC-WIN32
> --> Works nice
> ms\\do_nasm
> --> Works nice
> nmake -f ms\\ntdll.mak
> --> Errors:
> The first issue I get is that it tries to compile against "nasmw".
> This is not included anymore (probably it was a few years ago, but not
> any longer).

This is unfortunate. They indeed switched filename of pre-compiled
binary from nasmw.exe to nasm.exe...

> Maybe there should be a check first on nasmw.exe and then
> on nasm.exe to determine which nasm executable to use.


> The second issue (I copied nasm.exe -> nasmw.exe) is when installing
> it stops with the following errors:
> perl util/copy.pl inc32\openssl\*.[ch]
> C:\__SVN__\QuickFile\bin\include\openssl
> Need at least two filenames at util/copy.pl line 25.
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\cygwin\bin\perl.EXE' : return code '0xff'

If you had [recommended] ActivePerl prior cygwin\bin\perl, then this
wouldn't have been an issue. A.

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