They are not in the tree. They are supplied in the tgz that includes
the patch, for installation in your own development environment, in the
location of your preference.


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Sent: 12 November 2007 22:44
To: Shaw Graham George
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Subject: [openssl.org #1565] [PATCH] New port for the iSeries (AS/400)
for version 0.9.8e

Applied AS400.patch to openssl 0.9.8e

Need to know location of script files in the tree:

cvtascii.sh cvtcnfebcdic.sh cvtpemascii.sh
cvtcnfascii.sh cvtebcdic.sh cvtpemebcdic.sh

Can you point me to a complete OS400 0.9.8e openssl source tree?


Ronald Ojakian


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