I want to use the RSA_X931_generate_key() function as part of a dynamic
library, but it seems to only be available when using fips mode and
presumably the fipscanister. The codes is surrounded by "#ifdef

I'm happy to use the fipscansister, but it seems that both
openssl-fips-1.1.1 and openssl-0.9.7m both fail building if configured
using "./config fips shared". Without the "shared" option only static
libraries are built by default, but I wish to link against a dynamic
library. I was able to do this fine with the fips snapshot
(snmp-openssl-0.9.7-stable-SNAP-20050818), but it seems upgrading to a
recent version is not easy.

I don't care if I'm actually using a fips mode or not. I just want to
access the functions with shared libraries.

Is it a bug that the build fails if "shared" and "fips" is used together
during config?
It should be possible to build shared libraries, correct ?

BTW, I'm using an older Debian PowerPC host. Debian 3.1 (Woody) to be

Thanks, Brendan.

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