I'm currently looking for a developer who is able to use/compile
OpenSSL and who is able to compile windows DLL's. I need a DLL that
simply wraps some OpenSSL functions. The resulting DLL should provide
the following functions (parameters can be discussed):


AES256_Encrypt_File(strInputFilename, strOutputFilename, strKeyHEX)
AES256_Decrypt_File(strInputFilename, strOutputFilename, strKeyHEX)
AES256_Encrypt_HEX(strInputHEX, strKeyHEX, strOutputHEX) *1
AES256_Decrypt_HEX(strInputHEX, strKeyHEX, strOutputXEX) *1
AES256_Encrypt_MEM(lngINPointer, lngINSize, lngOutPointer, strKeyHEX)
AES256_Decrypt_MEM(lngINPointer, lngINSize, lngOutPointer, strKeyHEX)


SHA256_File(strFilename, lngOutHEXPointer) *1
SHA256_HEX(strInputHEX, lngOutHEXPointer) *1
SHA256_MEM(lngINPointer, lngINSize, lngOutHEXPointer) *1
SHA128_File(strFilename, lngOutHEXPointer) *1
SHA128_HEX(strInputHEX, lngOutHEXPointer) *1
SHA128_MEM(lngINPointer, lngINSize, lngOutHEXPointer) *1

Secure RandomNumber Generator:

RANDOM(lngBitsize, lngOutHEXPointer) *1


RSA_Encrypt(strPlainHEX, strModulusHEX, strPublicExponentHEX,
lngOutHEXPointer, lngBits) *1
RSA_Decrypt(strCipherHEX, strModulusHEX, strPrivateExponentHEX,
lngOutHEXPointer, lngBits) *1
lngOutHEXPointerPublicExponent, lngOutHEXPointerPrivateExponent,
lngBits) *1

*1 = Result is the number of bytes in output-buffer. 0 <= Error.

The parameters are alway given and returned HEX encoded (exept the
memory and file access). You can assume that the ouput-buffer is
always big enough.

The developer should be available quickly. I don't know how long it
will take to develop such a DLL, but the most functions will only need
te get called inside OpenSSL. So, I think it can be done in 6 to 8
hours (for a skilled programmer - knowing the OpenSSL source).

Please write to "info [at] regify [dot] com" (german or english) for
further questions or an offer.

Thank you,