I have a server which accepts ssl connections. I have a client which
does parallel ssl
connections to this. After closing all connections the server has
unfreed memory. This gets reused for subsequent ssl connections, so no
issue there.

My problem is with the amount of memory left over.
I do about 4000 parallel connections and close all of them I have over
2GB of memory still occupied by the process. I verified that this is due
to the ssl (did similar test with only the ssl part left out and I get
back all the memory).
But if I do the same 4000 connections sequentially (handshake is
sequential, but the ssl connection is kept active) and then close all of
them. The memory occupied is much less (a few 100 MBs)


Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

The server code:

SSL_METHOD* meth = SSLv23_method();
ctx = SSL_CTX_new(meth);
// This ctx is shared across all connections

SSL* ssl = SSL_new(ctx);
SSL_set_bio(ssl, bio, bio);

Ramashish B.
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