Bernhard Froehlich wrote:
> Dave Bound schrieb:
>> Hi
>> Can anyone tell me how to deploy the necessary OpenSSL files as part
>> of a Win32 application?
>> The app is deployed using a Windows Installer EXE. Iím not
>> particularly familiar with how this works, but it has been suggested
>> that an OpenSSL merge module might be what Iím looking for?
>> Thanks
>> Dave

> You'll need the binary files
> libeay32.dll
> ssleay32.dll
> plus the executables you want to use (openssl.exe?).
> In addition you may need configuration data like a CA-bundle or the
> openssl.cnf, but that depends heavily on the functionality you are using.
> If you put them together into the install directory of your own
> application and chances are good that everything works fine.
> I don't know Windows Installer in detail, but I guess the placement of
> some more files into the same directory should not pose a real problem
> for it. In case openssl is already installed on the target system maybe
> you'll waste about 1.5 MB of harddisk space, but you'll get the
> advantage of using exactly the version of openssl you did test your
> application against...
> Hope it helps.
> Ted

Alternatively, you could rely on Win32 OpenSSL. See sig.

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