I have just compiled openssl-0.9.8g on Sparc Solaris 10. Compilation
works just great - not a single problem with `make test', thanks a lot! -
except everything related to shared libraries does not work out of the
box. Specifically, libssl.so and libcrypto.so fail to find dependent
libraries. Same is true for all shared libraries under `engines'

I know that this has been discussed before (see -rpath and --with-rpath in
the list archives). I would like to suggest a different solution which
happens to be what other programs typically do. If there is LDFLAGS
memory variable defined, just pass it down to Makefile.

To implement this change, only one line in the Configure script needs to
be changed:

# diff Configure Configure.orig
> s/^SHARED_LDFLAGS=.*/SHARED_LDFLAGS=$shared_ldflag/;

If LDFLAFS is not defined, no harm is done except an extra space

I have tested it with
LDFLAGS=-R/usr/tools/lib -R/usr/tools/lib/sparcv9 -R/usr/tools/ssl/lib

and I run
../config --prefix=/usr/tools/ssl --shared

With this small change, a user can easily add rpath to the libraries and



Dr Andy Tsouladze
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