As part of a customer requirement I am trying to compile a newer version
of Openssl on two Red Hat Enterprise 4 update 4 systems.
One is an i686 and the other an x86_64 system. I have tried to compile
several newer versions on both systems and have only had luck
with the i686 by doing an "rpm -e --nodeps openssl" to remove the original
Red Hat Openssl first then compiling the new version.
The problem I run into is that the library files, libcrypto and libssl
for /lib on the i686 and the /lib64 are not put in the directories and the
files remain. This then puts the system in limbo because when I try to
install Openssh it runs and shows that the installed library
do not match, which they do not. I have tried various different scenarios
with no luck.
Can anyone give me some input on this? Thanks.


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