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sorry i'm a bit confused due to the meaning of BN_LLONG.

We recently changed over to version 0.9.8. On a Windows environment with
an old compiler that doesn't support 64 bit-integers (Borland C 5.01), we
get compiling errors due to type PQ_64BIT (and SHA_LONG64 also) which seem
to undefined.

pq_compat.h contains:
> #if (defined(THIRTY_TWO_BIT) && !defined(BN_LLONG)) || defined(SIXTEEN_BIT) || defined(EIGHT_BIT)

....(some lines later)...
> #define PQ_64BIT BIGNUM

We read that as subtitute for native 64-bit integers.
BN_LLONG is defined in opensslconf.h which in turn is included in pq_compat.h
so the PQ_64BIT remains undefined.

Is this a typo in ph_compat.h?

How is BN_LLONG to be read? If defined
- BNs shall be used instead of native 64-bit integers - or -
- use native 64-bit integers (that are hopefully supported)?

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