Marek Marcola wrote:
> I think that this is CIA webserver problem.
> You may test this with:
> $ openssl s_client -connect -state -debug -msg [[-ssl3] [-tls1]]
> and in any combination after some successful connection you will get failed connections.
> For example:
> $ openssl s_client -connect -state -debug -msg


> As you see after sending client_hello remote server just quits connection,
> there is no alert information (for example about unsupported ciphers or something)
> but simply connection is dropped:
> -> read from 0x9b5bdb0 [0x9b61358] (7 bytes => 0 (0x0))
> I think that error is in remote site.

Thanks for the evaluation! I will attempt to contact the site's
maintainers, but I guess I will not hold my breath.


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