Hi Prabhu,

Can you check the sha1 usage count in the lsmod?
I am thinking you have not freed the sha tfm and eventually run out of it.
I hit a similar issue when making use of linux sha1.


On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Prabhu S wrote:

> Hi,
> The SSL enabled client application seg faults when too many threads are
> created. Each thread is a SSL client attempting a connection with Server.
> The application sets the static call back functions.:
> static void locking_function(int mode, int n, const char * file, int line)
> static unsigned long id_function(void)
> The application creates about 800 threads in a Linux 2.6 Kernel.
> #0 SHA1_Init (c=0x0) at sha_locl.h:150
> #1 0x405b2bb0 in init (ctx=0x0) at m_sha1.c:72
> #2 0x405afc91 in EVP_DigestInit_ex (ctx=0x4d606230, type=0x4061f620,
> impl=0x0) at digest.c:207
> #3 0x405ac08e in ssleay_rand_add (buf=0x0, num=0, add=
> 2.5863007356866632e-306) at md_rand.c:263
> #4 0x405ace6e in RAND_add (buf=0x8a269f8, num=144861688, entropy=0) at
> rand_lib.c:151
> #5 0x08a269f8 in ?? ()
> #6 0x08a269f8 in ?? ()
> #7 0x00000000 in ?? ()
> When less number of threads are created I don't see the issue.
> How do we use CRYPTO_set_idptr_callback()? OpenSSL document reads - " There
> is still the issue of platforms where pthread_self() returns something other
> than an integer. It is for cases like this that
> CRYPTO_set_idptr_callback() comes
> in handy"
> Regards,
> Prabhu. S

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