"debug-bsdi-x86-elf", "gcc:-DPERL5 -DL_ENDIAN -DTERMIOS -fomit-frame-pointer -O9 -march=i686 -Wall -g::${BSDthreads}::-ldl -lc -lm:THIRY_TWO_BIT_LONG RC4_CHUNK BN_LLONG ${x86_gcc_des} ${x86_gcc_opts}:${x86_elf_asm}:dlfcn:bsd-gcc-shared:-fPIC::.so.\$(SHLIB_MAJOR).\$(SHLIB_MINOR)",

This works no problem as long as you have gcc3 and one can get
gcc3 working on BSD/OS if they ever got BSD/OS 5.1 .

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