Marc Girod a =E9crit :
> I try to build and install on various platforms,
> (Solaris sparcv9, HP-UX, AIX), to a non-standard path,
> for use with subversion.
> A first attempt showed me that svn expected shared libraries,
> so that I try to produce them, first on Solaris.
> My build fails at link time with 'text relocation' errors,
> which doesn't prevent 'make test' from succeeding!?

> I'd be glad if somebody could tell me what I do wrong...
> Thanks,

I can't say I'm sure, because the only problems I've had were with
shared libs, not the static ones.

FWIW, I can tell you that the following commands do work for me, Solaris
8 to 10, SPARC & x86, Studio 9 to 11, OpenSSL 0.9.7 and 0.9.8.

export PATH=3D/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/ccs/bin:/opt/SUNWspro/bin:/usr/perl=

export LD_OPTIONS=3D"-R${PREFIX}/lib"

../config --prefix=3D${PREFIX} shared \
make test
make install

You should also check that there's nothing in the build environment that
could cause a collision with an older version.

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