> > One workaround of this problem is to disable EDH ciphers, for example:
> >
> > $ openssl s_client -connect bshop.esprit.com:443 -cipher 'ALL:!EDH'

> I tried this, but got exact the same error messages! Then I looked up the cipher
> specs on http://www.openssl.org/docs/apps/ciphers.html and used -cipher
> 'ALL:!kEDH' and then I was able to connect. Where is the difference between
> 'ALL:!EDH' and 'ALL:!kEDH' (beside that one works and the other not) ?

After looking closer this is version dependent name.
On FC4 default version is 0.9.7f and in this version EDH and kEDH
exists (EDH = kEDH - ADH).
But on 0.9.8b there is no EDH ciphersuite name.
On 0.9.8b, EDH ciphersute from 0.9.7f you may get with kEDH:!ADH.
You may check what ciphers include this names for example with:
$ openssl ciphers -v kEDH

And in general EDH means ephemeral DH which means that in
ServerKeyExchange packet DH parameters are signed with server private
key. ADH means that DH parameters in ServerKeyExchange packet
are not signed (susceptible to main-in-the-midle attack).
In SSL3/TLS1 there is term "DH" for ciphersuite where DH
parameters are carried in server certificate - in this case
ServerKeyExchange is empty (but exists).

Best regards,
Marek Marcola

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