> I am implementing an HTTP 1.1 client in C++ using openssl for SSL.
> Sometimes the Http response I get back says that the
> Transfer Encoding : chunked
> I really donot do anything extra here in this case. As usual I do a
> SSL_Pending to see if any data is pending in the SSL buffer and if not
> finish reading.

What do you mean by "finish reading"? Do you mean that you do more reading
until you are finished or that you consider the reading to be finished at
that point?

> To further elaborate I am implementing a WebServices client in C++.
> The problem is sometimes the binary data in some of the Soap XML tags
> are complete and sometimes they are not.
> Although a similar tool written in java seems to work fine.
> Am I missing something here or is what I am doing ok.

Sounds like you aren't correctly following the HTTP/1.1 specification. More
than one chunk may be supplied and you need to process them all until you
receive an end of response indication.


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