Well, the best idea is to make it right by really checking how many bytes are missing by implementing a special case when transder encodnd is chunked. You should have a look at the RFC to check how to
handle chunked data.


>Hi All,
>I am implementing an HTTP 1.1 client in C++ using openssl for SSL.
>Sometimes the Http response I get back says that the
>Transfer Encoding : chunked
>I really donot do anything extra here in this case. As usual I do a
>SSL_Pending to see if any data is pending in the SSL buffer and if not
>finish reading.
>To further elaborate I am implementing a WebServices client in C++.
>The problem is sometimes the binary data in some of the Soap XML tags
>are complete and sometimes they are not.
>Although a similar tool written in java seems to work fine.
>Am I missing something here or is what I am doing ok.
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