In message <20060929053130.GB4135@localhost.localdomain> on Fri, 29 Sep 2006 01:31:32 -0400, Iljun Kim said:

ij> I'd like to make the "O" equal to the "CN" while sign the CSR.
ij> For example, if the Subject was
ij> "C=US, O=Example Company,",
ij> I'd like to issue a cert with
ij> "C=Us,,".
ij> I searched man pages and configuration options, but couldn't figure it
ij> out.
ij> Any help would appreciated.

To begin with, there's no way to do that that I know of.

That said, I've a question to you: why? Why on earth would you want
to do that? What does it give you in terms of security and usability?

Quite honestly, that kind of reconstruction (or general messing
around) usually means that someone has misunderstood something about
distinguished names.


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