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> Dr. Stephen Henson wrote:
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> > OpenSSL makes use of some standard sources of entropy on various=20
> > platforms to seed the PRNG automatically. On linux this=20

> includes the=20
> > /dev/urandom device and on Windows various things including=20

> the CryptoAPI PRNG.
> >=20

> OK, that explains, thanks.
> The program is going to be distributed to clients who run a=20
> Windows variant (2000, XP) or a unix-like OS (*BSD, Solaris,=20
> Linux, ...).
> I reckon that /dev/urandom is present on most unices, so I=20
> can count on the automatic PRNG seeding.

Beware - some versions of HPUX do not come with a suitable random data
device. If I recall correctly, HPUX 11.00 and 11.11 do not have one, but
HPUX 11.22 does. Your end-users may need to install one of the random
data devices available from HP (they freely provide /dev/random,
/dev/urandom and their own version of openssl with a bundled random data
SunOS/Solaris 5.6 and 5.7 also lack a random data device.

Adam Mlodzinski=20
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