> Other side would return an error message:
> ORA-31154: invalid XML document
> ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing
> LSX-00213: only 0 occurrences of particle "greeting",
> minimum is 1
> It is totally confused, that is: i, as a client would never send
> greeting. One thing
> possible is that it got only part of the document. Second thing is
> two login attempts,
> which is an error.

How is the client supposed to know where the document ends?

> this after one call of SSL_write. As you see, SSL is transmitting two
> separate application data packets.

Who cares whether it sends one or a thousand? It's none of the application's
business how SSL sends the data so long as it all gets to the other end in
the right order.

> The problem is having two application data packets, when i call
> SSL_write only once.

Why do you care how many application data packets SSL uses to send the data
from one end to the other? That's a protocol detail the application should
not care about.

> And yes, i want
> to decrypt these two packets, to see what they contain. Even if they
> both are valid packets, this would
> be an error, as i said.

How would that be an error?

> As for 0x00, this one is the cwise end-of-the-
> string. Some application have separate
> function call for handling date containing it..

Why do you care what bytes are in the encrypted data? You're not handling
that data, OpenSSL is.

You see to be very confused about how layering works in an SSL application
and what interface SSL provides to the application. SSL, like TCP, is a
byte-stream protocol that does not preserve message boundaries.


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