The book "Network security with OpenSSL" says about seeding the OpenSSL
PRNG (on page 19):

"If you try to use OpenSSL without bothering to seed the random number
generator, the library will complain."

I recently discovered that I have been using DSA_generate_key() and
DSA_sign() without having seeded the OpenSSL PRNG. Nevertheless, I have
never noticed any complaint of the OpenSSL library.

This makes me think that:
- either there has been some other call into the OpenSSL library that
implicitly seeded the PRNG without my noticing it (perhaps
DSA_generate_parameters() or DSA_new() ), or
- the warning mechanism doesn't work properly

Can anybody shed some light on what's happening here?

In case it's relevant: the DSA_* functions that I mentioned above, are
used in a program that has been running on Linux and on Windows 2000.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Leunissen.
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