Given the statement:

"A message that is signed (encrypted) with the private key can be
verified (decrypted) with the public key. Since the public key is
public any one can verify the signature. The public key can not create
such signatures."

First of all, is the above statement accurate? It seems to indicate
that a private key can be decrypted with a public key. Or is it just
verifying who the private key owner is.

A diagram I've seen seems to contradict even this. The diagram is


|------------------------| |---------------------|
| I will pay $500 | ---------------->| Sign (encrypt) |
<----------- ALICE'S PRIVATE KEY
|------------------------| |-----------|----------|
| FFDF2D |
| 33CFG2 |
|------------------------| |-----------------------|
| I will pay $500 | ---------------->| Verify(Decrypt) |
<----------- ALICE'S PUBLIC KEY

Does the above not indocate that anyone with Alice's public key will be
able to read the message intended for Bob as he uses the key to verify
(decrypt) the message????

I guess I need to know the difference between verify and decrypt.

Please Help!!


Sarah Hamilton