> The problem was the setting for "linux64-sparcv9" within Configure.
> Minimum change needed to fix problem:
> BF_PTR:::des_enc-sparc.o fcrypt_b.o
> i.e. the addition of DES_INT is enough to fix the problem.
> The following code should probably be added to the crypto/des/destest.c
> around line 354 (at the start of main()) since AFAIKS DES_LONG must
> always be exactly 4 bytes long no matter what platform you are on;

No. DES_LONG can be 8 bytes too. Having it 4 bytes is preferable because
it provides better cache locality, but it's not absolute requirement.
You're likely suffering from compiler bug. Try to drop optimization
level or another compiler version. Even though adding DES_INT makes
sense it's inappropriate to add it to 0.9.8, because doing so would
break binary compatibility. DES_INT is therefore added to HEAD
development branch only. A.

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