> The hpux-parisc2-cc configuration still uses the dlfcn specifier (see=20
> below), it must be renamed to dl as in the other parisc targets.

64-bit PA-RISC is ELF and implements dlfcn-style API. Even though=20
dl-style API is supported in 64-bit context "users are encouraged to=20
migrate to the dl* family of dynamic linking routines." The fact that=20
hpux64-parisc2 targets use dlfcn is *not* mistake or bug.

> Otherwise the Makefile in engines will try to install non existing=20
> libraries with the .so postfix ....

Can you actually confirm that it's not .so files that are generated in=20
engine catalog in 64-bit build? link_o.hpux rule in Makefile.shared,=20
thee one linking engines is designed to generate 64-bit .so's. A.

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