As a part of my master's thesis, there is now available two new engines to
OpenSSL - they are created to use GPU as coprocessor. At the moment, there
is only AES128 ECB encryption implemented, but that's enough to see and
understand how to use GPUs in such area.

6800 : uses OpenGL and Cg language, can be used with cards supported by
OpenGL and in systems where OpenGL is suported. Data is sent to GPU and
back to CPU as textures. Problem is that X (or other graphic environment)
must be running.

8800 : uses CUDA (released by NVIDIA in march 2007) to communicate with
GPU. No need for X, but needs at least NVIDIA 8* chip.

NVIDIA 6800GT was slower than CPU (Intel P4 640 3.2GHz)
NVIDIA 8800GTS was 1..3% faster than CPU

Code and thesis is available at

Urmas Rosenberg
University of Tartu
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