Much appreciated Brad. Is this documented anywhere?

I totally agree that this stuff has nothing to do with
openssl-dev. I wasnt receiving the right information
that helped me solve the problem in openssl-users. The
information you have given should be documented at
least on the FAQ. I was at a loss on what I was doing
and sometimes the little things I missed count alot.
Pushing the dll to the same directory as the
application and the caveats? Huh! I would think that
dlls should reside in system32?

Anyway much appreciated and I hope this is now


--- Brad House wrote:

> > Well that didnt fly either. Has anybody built an
> > openssl app using VS2005 and ported it to a XP

> machine
> > that does not have openssl installed? If they be

> so
> > kind and shed some light onto this dark area that
> > would be appreciated because I thought this would

> be
> > easy which it is providing you do complete install

> of
> > openssl.=20
> >=20
> > If you try to build the static libs all is OK

> except
> > you will get conflicts with VS2005 and there comes

> the
> > problem of using the /MD in the code generation

> which
> > I'm led to believe from the FAQ I have to do.
> >=20
> > The instructions do not seem to be clear when

> building
> > for VS2005.

> I'm not sure why you think this is a VS2005 issue.
> We've
> been deploying apps which depend on the OpenSSL
> libraries
> built with VS2005 for the last year or so (prior to
> that,
> we used VS2003). There's really not much to it.=20
> Make
> sure you copy these files:
> libeay32.dll
> libeay32.dll.manifest
> ssleay32.dll
> ssleay32.dll.manifest
> to the _same_ directory as your application runs
> from, I
> wouldn't recommend trying to put them in your system
> directory.
> That is the primary search path for all DLLs on
> windows
> and is strongly recommended that you deploy OpenSSL
> in that manner to prevent conflicts with other
> applications
> which may link to other versions of openssl.
> Yes, those manifest files are something new with
> VS2005.
> Also make sure you deploy the manifest files for
> your
> MSVC runtime, along with MFC or whatever else you
> may
> be using. What error are you seeing that make you
> think
> this would be anything related to OpenSSL to begin
> with?
> Please use the openssl-users list for this kind of
> stuff
> though. This has nothing to do with openssl-dev ...
> -Brad

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