Composability may be a desirable property for any asynchronous OpenSSL
interface. Currently, it's possible to run OpenSSL with other
event-based libraries in the same thread, by calling select() on the
union of file descriptors from all libraries. If multiple libraries
were to mandate the use of a library_select() function, they would no
longer be composable in this manner.

One alternative would be to provide a function (say,
SSL_select_prepare) that would be called before the application code
calls select(), which would set the appropriate bits in the
caller-supplied fd_sets for SSL connections of interest to the

As an optimization, a second function (say, SSL_select_notify) could
be used to notify OpenSSL of the file descriptors that select()
returned as readable or writable, so that the OpenSSL library doesn't
internally probe file descriptors that aren't ready yet.

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