I had posted this originally in the openssl-users group but realized
it should probably go here instead.

I am compiling openssl 0.9.7m with VC++ 2005 Express (with 2003 SDK)
for use with Apache and as standalone to request certificates.

After I build openssl, I run the ../ms/tests and they all pass. But,
when I try to run openssl from the command line using my config file
or the one from the apps subfolder the program aborts.

Below is the command line and the output.

c:\openssl\src\openssl-0.9.7m\out32dll>openssl req -config ..\app
s\openssl.cnf -new -out server.csr
Loading 'screen' into random state - done
Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key
writing new private key to 'privkey.pem'
Enter PEM pass phrase:

"openssl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are
sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something, the information you were
working on might be lost.

For more information about this error, click here. (AppName:
openssl.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr80.dll
ModVer: 8.0.50727.762 Offset: 000091ad)


Any ideas what this might be?