[nlarsch@gmx.net - Fri Dec 1 09:42:37 2006]:

> via RT wrote:
> > Some X509v3 OIDs from RFC 2459 are currently missing from objects.txt:
> >
> > * X509v3 Certificate Issuer
> > * X509v3 Issuing Distribution Point
> > * X509v3 Subject Directory Attributes
> >
> > All the other OIDs from the RFC are already included in OpenSSL. The
> > attached patch introduces the above OIDs.

> does it really makes sense to add OIDs when openssl is not
> able to parse these extensions ?

Well in the past all manner of weird OIDs have been added which we
aren't likely ever to do anything with. I not that keen on doing that
but not violently opposed to it.

These at least have the virtue that we *might* do something with them.
In the case of "X509v3 Issuing Distribution Point" the OID and extension
support has been added to 0.9.9.

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