On Mon, Nov 20, 2006, Patrick Patterson wrote:

> Hi All;
> Since I can't find a "Todo" or upcoming feature list on the openssl.org site,
> I thought that I'd ask to the list what is being worked on for 0.9.9.
> I'd also like to ask about the status of a couple of different items:
> 1: EC Certificates - from what I can tell, it would be rather tricky to
> generate X.509 certificates using EC instead of RSA.

That is supported in 0.9.9. Note that some features in EC standards have not
been finalised though.

> 2: Name Constraints processing.
> 3: RFC3280 "pdval" Policy and Path validation.

What do you mean by "pdval"? Policy processing except for policy mappings
(which isn't mandatory for RFC3280) support is present in 0.9.9 but it hasn't
been tested for RFC3280 compliance yet.

Some changes to make name constraint processing easier to implement have been
added to 0.9.9 but not the processing itself. It is possible to generate
certificates using name constraints extensions however.

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