[haridharan@gmail.com - Tue Nov 21 10:21:33 2006]:

> Hi,
> OpenSSL 0.9.8d and 0.9.7l has a bug on ERR_load_crypto_strings and
> ERR_load_SSL_strings.
> ERR_error_string() is not able to get the error text even when
> ERR_load_crypto_strings( ) is called again. Discussions on this issue
> could be found in the archives
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=open...5294810060&w=2 and

> time since there was no action on this bug.

Personally I think the bug is in an application calling
ERR_load_crypto_strings() more than once though we could tolerate that
behaviour I suppose.

Your patch as it stands changes the error C source files. These are auto
generated by the mkerr.pl script so you changes may get overwritten when
this is called.

A cleaner solution is to check to see if a specific error code is
present to determine if they have been loaded. That avoids the need for
the extra static variables and unload functions.

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