Sorry, I found out it is my problem. Please ignore my previous email.
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First of all, thanks for the great code. I have this weird problem. When
I run SHA256 to generate digest, if the message has two or more '0's,
the result is not correct. If you look at the below test result, you can
see that for test case 868 the expect result, which is generated from
the library is wrong. I also confirmed when I run the program
standalone. I use the latest openssl-0.9.8d on redhat linux. This
problem should be easy to duplicate.

865 : a7fce44f3f1a9b7e7a0b1bf463bea3c72ebfe95d152e132a5e 8e23bd0f99cb1f

de227690_a3ae5485_f11f9033_86954641_df5f75a4_9ba51 b9a_b9ab1e3e_d518576c

866 : 1556a72a20ee3f41b522406a080be910f32688e6310e99629c cdc039c2fbda85

9970b4e5_7ba7417a_638396b2_ea11aed2_d6f7838a_b28a8 3b4_257cb188_20e6052b

867 : c739ba8e30f05b61be79b07c64a43dc92a6b2b5491de84239d fdda3b422f6b84

a038a86c_b9c837d2_d6473b10_d8f3d991_591548f0_f4e37 288_692c3f5e_547772b2

868 : d25282a41e09cf3c59eccdb3d41380a850f031a13144b762a6 1fd04c742e5be8
<-- message

a9a0306d_5cede85e_6b000000_00000000_00000000_00000 000_20000000_01030000
<-- wrong

read: 6b002162, expect: 6b000000

read: 6ea779ea, expect: 00000000

read: eb241440, expect: 00000000

read: e0fd546a, expect: 00000000

read: 471d670b, expect: 20000000

read: f893c309, expect: 01030000



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