Victor B. Wagner wrote:
> Recently, (08-Nov) #ifdef ENGINE_DYNAMIC_SUPPORT
> was added around IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_BIND function
> in engines/ccgost/gost_eng.c (in CVS HEAD)
> By default, this macro is not enabled, even if shared option is passed
> to configure. This renders compiled shared library unusable, at least
> without proper installation of freshly compiled OpenSSL.
> Why it is needed?
> What is wrong with having bind_engine function in each engine when they
> are compiled as shared libraries? I can understand that it might lead to
> problems when more than one engine is compiled statically. But there is
> NO_DYNAMIC_ENGINE macro for such case.
> cvs log doesn't tell anything but "Fix various warnings"

If you compile with -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes
-Wmissing-declarations -Werror then you'll see the errors I'm fixing.

If people always did that before submitting code, then it wouldn't get
broken by fixes :-)

I'll admit I added the #ifdef on the basis that other code did it that
way. I have no idea what its all about.

> Interesting, that specifying -DENGINE_DYNAMIC_SUPPORT in the ./Configure
> command line breaks everything
> too. genpkey command reports "unsupported algorithm" with same config
> file which works if I just remove #ifdef from ccgost engine.
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