Hello OpenSSL team,

First I want to compliment you with the good work your doing.

I am currently working on a library that uses OpenSSL MD5 hash
calculation function.

I have found a difference in and the MD5_Init manual
page (both 'man MD5_Init' and several online versions)

The header specifies
int MD5_Init(MD5_CTX *c);
int MD5_Update(MD5_CTX *c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
int MD5_Final(unsigned char *md, MD5_CTX *c);

And the manual page
void MD5_Init(MD5_CTX *c);
void MD5_Update(MD5_CTX *c, const void *data,
unsigned long len);
void MD5_Final(unsigned char *md, MD5_CTX *c);

I was not able to find any bug regarding this issue.

I was wondering if the man page contains an older specification? And
what the specific return values of the functions would be?

Kind Regards,
Joachim Metz

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