I've tested current CVS state of OpenSSL with mingw32-cross compiler
and found out following:

1. Everything compiles without error
2. make rehash is omitted during build

When testing on real Win32 platform with MSYS installed

1. make rehash is omitted again, but shouldn't.
2. attempt to start very first test (destest.exe) causes dialog window
to popup saying "Application cannot start becouse crypto32.dll is not
found". Just renaming created dlls solves the problem.
This is quite explainable, because build creates
crypto-0.9.8.dll, but def file contains section

LIBRARY crypto32

So, we have either to create crypto32.dll and ssl32 dll instead of
crypto-0.9.8.dll and ssl-0.9.8.dll, or modify mkdef.pl so it would put
real dll names into the LIBRARY section of .def file.
Note that if dll name contain hyphen or dots, it should be quoted and
include extension.

I.e. section should look like

LIBRARY "crypto-0.9.8.dll"

Probably, if we are going to maintain binary compatibility with MSVC
build, changing dll name to crypto32.dll and ssl32.dll is better.

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