On 10/20/06, Grant Mills wrote:
> First, sorry for posting to -users and -dev. I'm not sure which is
> more appropriate.
> I'm working on an embedded system with no operating system and am only
> interested in signature verification. I've looked at the config and
> have decided to go with "no-threads no-zlib no-shared". But I'm
> having trouble deciding which "cpu/compiler" config to go with. I am
> using gcc and mips (not mipsel).
> I'm not worried about resources (have plenty of RAM). I'm only
> interested in verifying signatures. So some extra switches that strip
> out functions that handle encryption or signing would also be great.
> I am looking for the smallest libcrypt possible.
> Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> --
> Grant Mills
> gmills@ucsd.edu

Alternatively, if anyone could recommend another solution, I'd be
happy to listen. I get the feeling that I might be using a chain saw,
when a steak knife will do.

Again, thanks in advance.

Grant Mills
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