>>> Seriously, I'd consider Winsock 1.1 as the one which should be left
>>> behind, rather than Windows 2000 users.

>> Windows 2000 users are not left behind, IPv6 on 2000 would be.

> That's what I meant
>> On bright side one can simply throw in
>> LoadLibrary("wship6.dll") literally anywhere, e.g. next to WSAStartup.

As far as I can see wship6.dll for 2000 is
"don't-you-dare-to-use-it-in-production-environment" technology preview
thing and this is not going to change. So I'd say if somebody wants for
some twisted reason to experiment with IPv6 under 2000, they can as well
drop LoadLibrary("wship6.dll") into *their* application [if it's not
loaded automatically]. It really has to be twisted reason, because the
only reason you'd like to use it is for IPv6 development, but it's so
generalized that you just as well might use XP... I suggest we simply
omit this wship6.dll argument and concentrate on real question: do we go
for ws2_32 and imply that NT4/W98 are minimally required from now on? A.
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