On Oct 20 15:05, Andy Polyakov wrote:
> >Seriously, I'd consider Winsock 1.1 as the one which should be left
> >behind, rather than Windows 2000 users.

> Windows 2000 users are not left behind, IPv6 on 2000 would be.

That's what I meant

> Keep in mind 0x333, it's 3.51. If we switch to ws2_32, I'd insist on
> bumping _WIN_WIN32 to 0x400. Shall we do that? I personally have no
> objections to that.

Me neither, but then again, I'm not a user nor am I maintainer of a
native Windows OpenSSL...

> DSO_global_lookup looks only through currently loaded dlls, and never
> attempts to load any new.

That's why I said I don't know if it would already work. It's possible
that wship6.dll is automatically loaded into the processes VM when
ws2_32.dll is loaded in which case DSO_global_lookup would just do the
"right thing"(tm).

> On bright side one can simply throw in
> LoadLibrary("wship6.dll") literally anywhere, e.g. next to WSAStartup. A.



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