On 2006.10.20 at 13:01:01 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Oct 20 14:28, Victor B. Wagner wrote:
> > On 2006.10.20 at 11:49:39 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > > ws2tcpip.h is incompatible with winsock.h since winsock.h is only meant
> > > for supporting old Winsock 1.1 applications. A "modern" Winsock 2
> > > application should include winsock2.h and ws2tcpip.h.

> >
> > So, it is line 455 in e_os.h which is offending, not line 278?

> Line 455 looks wrong to me. winsock2.h is already included in line 277
> so I don't see how another include of winsock.h in line 455 could be
> right.

Further investigation shows that it is OK. Winsock.h wouldn't be
included if winsock2.h already included. Problem was in other place

File ssl/ssl_sess.c includes before
"ssl_locl.h", and rand.h includes windows.h and windows.h includes
winsock.h if winsock2 wasn't already included.

So, just changing order of rand.h and ssl_locl.h ssl_sess.c,
changing order of openssl/engine.h and apps.h in apps/apps.c,
and changing order of openssl/rand.h and ../e_os.h in test/randtest.c
fixes this problem
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