On Oct 20 15:21, Victor B. Wagner wrote:
> On 2006.10.20 at 13:01:01 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > > So, use IPV6 on native windows requires considerable changes anyway?

> >
> > I wouldn't say it's considerable. Just a tweak to the loading of
> > getaddrinfo/freeaddrinfo in crypto/bio/b_sock.c, AFAICS.

> Implementing of dynamic loading by hand is tricky thing anyway.


> One have to declare function pointers and provide code which would fill
> them with correct value.

Which is already done in crypto/bio/b_sock.c. Did you look into the code?

> And this code should be clever enough to find
> appropriate DLL (provided that most Windows systems out there have
> both).

LoadLibrary? That's nothing new and already used in crypto/dso/dso_win32.c.

ws2_32.dll exists on all systems starting with Windows
95 OSR2, but that doesn't mean the IPv6 functions are available. On
Windows 2000, IPv6 is only available if wship6.dll is installed.


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